Where have I been? What have I been doing?

I know, I was doing so well, had been posting regularly for almost two whole weeks straight! Then… Nothing… For another three or so weeks…. BUT! I have the best excuse ever! I was booked for a week long project, in Haiti! Boy, what a BLAST!

My local church, Living Faith Miracle Centre, invited me along on a crusade in Port-au-Prince they had planned for the week of April 8th to the 15th. The deal was, I would shoot the crusade during the events and shoot whatever I wanted the rest of the time. The crusade was a ton of fun, but required quite a bit more time than anyone expected, events in the morning and evening most days, but when I did get some free time, you can be sure I did my best to make the most of it!

I had hoped to do a bunch of street photography while I was there, which I did, to some extent, but not nearly as much as I would have liked. I hadn’t planned on the barriers of language (Creole – a mixture of french and an African language), religion (80% of the country practices voodoo) and culture.

I’ll try to post some of my street photography in the next few days, but first I want to get up a few of the photos that really mean something to me. I was truly BLESSED to have offered the opportunity to visit one of the many orphanages in the country.

The orphanage I visited was called Maison Des Enfants De Dieu or “Children’s House of God”  The two members who were kind enough to introduce me to these beautiful children were brothers Frankis Alexis and Pastor Pierre Alexis, photos below.


This is Pastor Pierre on the left and his brother Franckis on the right, two very wonderful people!

I’d love to give you more information about the trip tonight, but I’m still a long way from caught up on my sleep and I’m exhausted, so instead I’m going to post a few teaser photos tonight and will follow up with more info and photos tomorrow.

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Project 52 Assignment Six: A Sports Flavored Ad

This one I’ve already explained in my last post, but I’ll go over it again. The basic idea was to create a photo for a sports medicine clinic, I was to capture an image that could be used as a full page ad to promote the business, I was to leave the top 1/3 of the image open to leave room for a header and text of some sort. While the assignment didn’t require it, I took the liberty of putting the top 1/3 to use, I added a header and a slogan to give it some context. I would have liked to have tried a few different concepts for this one, because I had lots of fun ideas to play with, unfortunately this is my first day out of bed in 4 days. Gotta love cold and flu season…

Here are the images I took, the one I chose and the final submission.





And the final submission.


Project 52 Update

So, I’ve been running a little behind on my blog, no surprise there! I have been busy though, done a couple of photo shoots, hope to post a couple of photos on those soon. I have also managed to complete assignments four and five for Project 52.

I have to be honest though, I cheated on assignment 4, the weather was working against me and I couldn’t get out to shoot like I had hoped, so I posted an image from a wedding shoot last summer. I promise to make it up to you all later, somehow.

Assignment Four: The Tear Sheet Assignment

The basic purpose of this assignment was to find 4 images online or in magazines that are within the genre that I like to shoot. Post the tear sheet (the 4 images) and then shoot an image in the same basic style of those images.

Here’s my tear sheet.


And the image I chose to represent it was this one…


What a cutie!


Assignment Five: Weather Alert

This project was another challenge, thanks to the weather… The scenario was “You have been given an assignment by the local chamber of commerce for a poster depicting the weather in your town.”

I had three choices on how to approach this one:

1: Chamber of Commerce wants to lure folks to your town because of all the great weather you have;

2: Chamber wants to prepare for some inclement weather with a notice to “be prepared”;

3: Chamber wants to show how great their weather is by poking fun at some other towns weather;

Well, as I said, this wasn’t an easy one, our town wasn’t exactly in any position to poke fun at the weather anywhere else, by any stretch of the imagination. So, I decided to take my lemon and make some lemonade! I chose option one and put a bit of a spin on it, I took my bike up Turtle Mountain, poised it so it overlooked the city and did my best to make Vernon look inviting… Even with a potential snowstorm brewing… Here are the two images I submitted.



(And no, I did not violate any copyright laws using the Vernon city logo, I didn’t claim it as mine and I’m not making a nickle off it’s use)

My next assignment, due this Sunday (no pressure), is a “Sports Flavored Ad” The concept being, I’m shooting for sports medicine clinic, that’s really all I know. It has to be shot vertical, in color with the top third open for type. It needs to be dramatic because it’s to be used in a full page ad. So, since I already had my bike out, I thought I would make an attempt at the shot while I was out. I haven’t submitted anything yet, as I’m hoping to have another couple chances to get out before deadline, but here’s what I’ve got so far.




I’m thinking a catch phrase along the lines “Sometimes we just don’t land as we’d hoped”

If you have any ideas or suggestions for this assignment, or next weeks (which simply has to have one red balloon, no other requirements), feel free to comment or email me.

Thanks again for your patience and loyalty to my blog. See you in a few days.

BAH! Foiled by the Weather!

So, my plan was to head out to the park and do a little shooting for Project 52 – Assignment 4, but with the weather being what it is, I’m not so sure I’ll have much luck tracking down a subject. If you’re interested in having your portrait taken for free and crappy weather doesn’t scare you, email me at info@capturedgrace.ca.

Stranger Danger – Project 52 Assignment One

Yesterday I set out with the intention of killing two birds with one stone, or two assignments with one shot. As I stated in my previous post, I started Project 52 a couple weeks late, so even though it isn’t required, I’m playing catch up. I am currently on assignment four, which I will explain in more detail once it’s actually done, but I also have assignment one to do, photograph a stranger.

As you can imagine, the thought of heading out in public and walking up to someone you’ve never laid eyes on before and saying “Can I take your picture.” is a little daunting, to say the least!

There was an obvious method to the madness behind this assignment, get the tough stuff out of the way or, as Zig Ziglar put it “Eat the frog first.”

The parameters of this assignment were fairly straight forward:

  • These are not shots of unsuspecting subjects through a telephoto lens, they have to be aware and participating in the shoot

That’s it. So, with that in mind, I grabbed my camera and headed to the park. Here are a few of the photos I managed to capture.


This guy was an interesting fellow, he seemed to be a bit of a pigeon expert, when I got there he was wowing a guy and his son with his knowledge of these birds. I was particularly impressed with his lack of fear of being crapped on, to my knowledge (which in regards to pigeons, is obviously much less than his), they tend to be less than concerned on where it happens.


Apparently, these two were males, fighting over turf, not sure if the “turf” was him or his hand. My suspicion was that they were fighting over the crumbs in his hand, but what do I know.

Once I had taken in as much information as I could on the breeding and migratory habits of the Common Pigeon, (if I can believe there is such a thing anymore), I headed on my way to see who else I could convince to pose for me.

I followed a couple of older ladies around the walking path for a bit, trying to gear up the courage to ask them if they would mind being photographed. I must have been following them longer than I realized, because once I started getting a bit closer, the lady with the cane stopped leaning on it and started wielding it in one hand, kinda like a club. I chose to circumvent the path and head across the grass to the pond, for my own safety.

I’m glad I did, because once I got there I came across a young mom and her pretty little girl, Grace, happily feeding the birds. Grace’s mom was kind enough to allow me to photograph them as they tossed bits of bread to the frenzy of feathers and beaks. Unfortunately, I was having so much fun watching little Grace laugh and squeal as she played, I almost forgot why I was there, so I came up a little short on useable photos. So, Grace’s mom (sorry, didn’t think to get your name), if you’re reading this and are interested in a re-shoot, let me know, you have my card.


This is Grace, not too hard to see how much fun she’s having.


There was a bit of a showdown going on here, the geese were like a roving band of gangsters, trying to steal every crumb of bread handed out, and Grace was having no part of it!


If you look closely, you can see what looks suspiciously like breadcrumbs on Grace’s cheek. You don’t suppose she was dipping into the rations, do you? NAHH! Couldn’t be!

This assignment was a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to heading out again today or tomorrow for another run at it, under the guise of Assignment 4.

And once again, Grace’s mom, if you’re reading this, as a sign of my appreciation for being such a good sport, I’d be happy to do another shoot of you and Grace, no charge. If you’re interested, drop me a line, via email, text or give me a call. It can be a family shoot of you, your husband and Grace,or a solo shoot of either of you, whichever you prefer.

See you all again in another day or two.

Project 52 Assignment Three: A Simple Recipe Shot for a Magazine

Ok, this was my introduction to Project 52, to take a magazine quality shot of a simple recipe. There were some basic requirements that had to be met:

  • Surface should be simple, without a lot of texture.
  • Shot should be from above looking down, at least 45 degrees, but full 90 is ok.
  • Choose a recipe that is very simple with only a few ingredients.
  • Ingredients shot means NOT prepared… what foods go into the making of the dish.
  • Keep the light simple.
  • Only one utensil is allowed to add context… only one.

So, with that in mind, I set to work, first brainstorming with my man brain to think of a recipe. I didn’t have any steak thawed so I had to think of something else. So, omelet it was! My next step, thinking of a way to arrange the shot that made sense, was composed correctly and well lit. The arrangement and composition wasn’t too much of a challenge, more a matter of which I liked best, the lighting on the other hand, was a bit of a trick. I ended up setting it out on the cutting board on the top of the dishwasher, rolling it in front of the kitchen window and bouncing light down with a reflector. I did try with a flash, but all it did was add harsh shadow.

Here are the images I created put together in a contact sheet, in the order they were taken:


This is the final image I settled on.


I realize that I cut a couple of corners off the cutting board, but as far as composition goes, that’s ok. The thing that actually bothers me, is that I missed the wet spot on the handle. But alas, even I am not perfect, just ask my kids. 😉

Feel free to comment, see you tomorrow with a few more photos, hopefully.


Blogging – I Suck at It!

Ok, it’s official, I suck at blogging, but hopefully I’ll get better at it. All the info I’ve read about blogging says it should be done daily, weekly at the very least, but I just don’t have that much to say! (My wife and kids might disagree, but they’re biased.) I do promise to try harder to post more consistently, emphasis on the word TRY.

The good news is, I’ve found some new motivation, I’ve had an acquaintance point me in the direction of a website called Project 52. The point of Project 52 is to challenge photographers to create a new image every week, based on the assignment given,  with the goal of developing both photographic and business skills.

I started this project a couple of weeks late, so I’m playing catch-up, even though they don’t require that all projects are done, I feel that I’m missing the point if I don’t do them.

So, that’s my new purpose, to complete these assignments and post my results, for you to inspect. As I said, I started a couple weeks late, so my first few posts will be a little out of sync, but hopefully I’ll be all caught up in a couple of weeks.

Check them out as I put them up and let me know what you think, honestly.