Firing Up the Nikon for the Balloon Glow

Hot Air Balloon Fiesta
Tomorrow marks the beginning of the 21st annual Vernon Winter Carnival, there will be tonnes of events and activities to check out, but of course, the key one for me will be the Balloon Glow. I will be gathering up my gear and heading down to Polson Park nice and early so I can pick the perfect spot to set up. I’m not sure how long I’ll be hanging out down there, but I’ll be doing my best to Capture some of the Grace in those balloons, through my Photography. (You see what I did there? Pretty corny, huh? Couldn’t help myself, sorry.)

Keep an eye on my blog, I’ll be posting some of the results of my shoot, and a step by step of how I captured the image, from camera to monitor, including any post-processing steps.

Hope to see you there.


New Website Up and RUNNING!

Haven’t been on here for some time, I know, sorry about that, lost the motivation I guess. Good news is, I’ve been busy, very busy! The biggest news is, I’ve got my new website up and going, finally! PHEW! It actually wasn’t as hard as I expected, the biggest issue was deciding on which images to include and which to leave out. I’m hoping to get some suggestions and comments from my followers, yes, you too.

You can also expect some big changes in my blog over the next couple of weeks, going to completely overhaul it, and change the content to something hopefully more interesting. But, once again, all that rides on your honest feedback, if you like it, say so, if you don’t, tell me why and what you would like me to change, add or remove.

The link to my new website is

Look it over, tell me what you think, it’s linked to Pintrest, Twitter and Facebook, so you can Tweet, Pin and, at the moment, not Like, Facebooks code for the Like button is broken, but you can visit my Facebook page and comment there. You can also send me a direct comment via Twitter or you can email me at

Looking forward to hearing from you!