Ed’s Place

Ed’s Place

Late again.

What can I say, better late than never? Just didn’t have any energy on Saturday, no more excuses than that. I did have a blast wandering Ed’s yard this evening though. His pal, the owl was still there, but no sign of Bastard, probably off hunting somewhere. I do love this yard though, all kinds of colors, textures, lights, shadows, you name it, the possibilities are endless. I’m hoping to talk Ed into letting me shoot him one day, I’m sure you would love him as much as I do, there’s as much texture and character in him as there is in his yard.

As much as I enjoy shooting the inanimate objects on his property, I do hope to shoot some LIVE subjects there soon. It would increase the potential of the area EXPONENTIALLY. Anyway, here are a few of today’s shots.

Yard Works

Don’t let this fool you, as much as Ed’s yard is full of dead and derelict mowers, tillers, etc, he actually keeps a very neat, all be it small, section of yard.

Tiller At Sunset
I like this image, but part of me thinks it should be darker, what do you think?

At Rest
Can’t think of what it is that this reminds me of, some old country music album keeps coming to mind, no specific artist, it just seems to have that look.

Well Kept
As I said earlier, Ed does keep a nice yard, it’s just well hidden at the back of his house. This mower actually works, and I think the barbeque does too, might have to find out one day this summer.

Resting Place
His place is full of feeders, birdhouses and bird baths, on top of the copious amounts of long dead farm equipment.

Mossy Merc
Yes, that’s moss on the hood, it’s been there a while, there’s no doubt about that. Is it a Mercury for sure? I’ll let the car buffs tell me for sure.

Tired of Working
The fact that this thing worked until the bitter end is certain, as far as I’m concerned. I often wonder what it’s original purpose was, Ed’s property is full of such retired equipment and run down barns and sheds, no sign of any soil having been turned in a long time though.

In case you don’t remember, I did say that I’m not too good at captioning my photos. But one thing is for certain, this one IS a Mercury, and from the looks of things, this one was still in running order, at least until recently.

Super Cavalier
Love the sign! Don’t know if I effectively captured the feeling here, but I do know that there seemed to be a bit of irony here, because regardless of what you’re looking at here, run down barn or bear up Cavalier, neither really screams “Super” to me.

Farm Truck
Wasn’t that a creative title for a photo, “Farm Truck”
Sheesh, as much as I hate to admit it, it was the best I could come up with. Any of you have any better suggestions? If you do, let’s see them, maybe I’ll rename it with your title.

Life Falling Away
I actually like that title, seems fitting. As the paint slowly peels off and drops to the ground, so do the hopes of this tractor ever being resurrected to life again.

Throne of a Worker
Kind of corny I know, but it’s true, this would indeed have been a long time throne to Ed, or whoever it was that tilled this land in days gone by, and as anyone who has worked a farm would know, the hours spent in that seat, would not have been few.

Chariot seems as fitting as throne, I think it’s a Kubota, not sure though, didn’t notice a name anywhere.

Rambler No More
Looks like I was wrong, it’s an old Rambler, unfortunately it looks like it’s rambling days have long since passed.

Family Wagon
That’s what the Rambler was known for, a family wagon, makes me wonder, where is Ed’s family? Does he still have one? Did he EVER have one of his own? Kind of makes me sad when I think about him being there all alone.

Till No More
Pretty self explanatory to me, one thing this piece of equipment hasn’t done in a long time is till any soil.