Cools Pond

Cools Pond

Too my 6 or so followers, sorry I’m late posting, but better late than never I guess!

I grabbed my gear today and headed out to Cools Pond to grab a some pictures of the many different birds that inhabit the area. Yellow-headed Blackbirds, Red-winged Blackbirds, Wood Ducks, Mallards, Ring Necked Pheasants, it goes on and on. While out shooting, this interesting fellow in a beat up old Chevy pulled up across the street from me. “Come here, I want to talk to you.” he says. I’m thinking, this should be interesting, considering I’m on public land, a sanctuary no less. “What’s up?” I asked him. Turns out, he has a small owl living in a hollowed out tree on his property that he wants me to check out. So, off we go. After checking out his property (and owl, of course), turns out there’s as much character there as there is in my new friend, Ed. His place is full of old trucks, mowers, barns and sheds, bird houses, and all other types of potential subjects, I could spend weeks there shooting, and he has given me permission to do just that! So expect to see Ed, his cat Bastard, the owl, and more over the weeks to come!

Coming Dusk

Something about the sun setting on a spring day that makes me feel good inside.

Little Owl

This guy was the whole reason behind the visit."Bastard"I didn’t name him, and I didn’t ask.Mexico FeelingKinda has that Mexico feeling.

Yellow Headed BlackbirdMan, they can be OBNOXIOUS! But they are still fun to listen to.


Todays Excursion

Kal Lake

My first shot at HDR, hope you like it.

Blue Heron

I’ve been trying to get some decent shots of these beautiful birds for a long time now, but it’s extremely difficult to get close enough Today I decided to try my best anyway.

Welcome to My Blog!

Today is the first day of my blog! I’ve created this blog as a way to keep my creative juices flowing, my goal is to update this blog as often as possible, a minimum of once a week, with the results of whatever my current photo project might be. The point is to set a weekly goal and hold myself accountable, every week I will set out with a specific theme or subject in mind, shoot that and post my results for you to view and critique. As time passes and I educate myself on photo blogging etiquette, I hope to add polls and such so you can vote on your favorite (or least favorite) photos and even offer up suggestions on themes or subjects.

Today, I’m off to shoot aimlessly, as I have nothing specific in mind at the moment, but we shall see where the mood takes me. I hope you enjoy the results.